Confident Auditions and Coping Skills for Neuro-Awesome Teens

As a Confident Life and Performance Coach, I have had lots of success working with what I call Neuro-Awesome teens, (Level 1 ASD/Aspergers/Williams Syndrome) helping them integrate confidence, coping skills and performance skills, as well as friendship techniques to build lasting friendships.


With several amazing neuro-awesome clients in my practice currently, all seeking connection and confidence in an accepting environment, where they are free to relax and be themselves, I created Confident Auditions and Coping Skills for Neuro-Awesome Teens.


This program is designed to be a unique program exclusively for Level 1 Autism/Aspergers/WilliamSyndrome middle and high school age teens that encourages friendship in an accepting, non-judgmental space, along with calming and coping skills, and confidence in auditioning in preparation for local theatre program auditions,  and confident interviewing for schools and jobs.


Led by Confident Life and Performance Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist Melissa Boher Jacobson

July 29-August 3, 2024 10 am to 12 pm at Confident Performance Coaching Studios, 860 US Hwy. 1, North Palm Beach, FL 


What People Are Saying:

Melissa works with our ASD son, helping him cope and grow and take advantage of his differences and talents not what he lacks but what he has to give. Thank you Melissa, our lives wouldn't be the same without you, a guiding light that helps our family shine even in the darkest times.

Naomi Goldberg

Melissa Boher Jacobson is an insightful, intelligent and caring professional. She uses tools that allowed me to learn about myself, tap in my own empowerment, and learn how to solve a problem logically, intellectually and without drama. Her compassion enabled her to see deeply into the root cause of how my mind and feelings work, and helped me to take an action to resolve a situation that had been stagnating for many years. I am so grateful for her generous time, commitments and effort to help me with a deeply emotional isuse.

Marcia Weinstein

We can't thank you enough, once more you guided one of our sons to success, accepted to Dreyfoos with your thorough preparation. You care deeply for the whole being, you prepare them no just to "pass an audition," but to thrive as humans.

Naomi Goldberg

"L is doing very well this year in school. On a roll nine weeks and excelling in speech and debate. He placed 5th out of 19 in his very first competition, and I'm sure it has a lot to do with your confidence camp!"

K. K.

$190.00 for the Week