Bak MSOA Theatre Summer Audition Bootcamp June 24-28, 2024

Summer is a great time to start preparing for the auditions for Bak MSOA, without the added pressure of homework, school and other extra-curricular activities!  The Bak MSOA Summer Theatre Audition Summer Bootcamp is a fun, informative workshop following the exact guidelines provided by the Bak MSOA Theatre Department and the perfect way to get a jumpstart on preparing for the competitive Bak Theatre Department auditions! 

This fun, informative workshop follows the exact guidelines provided by the Bak MSOA Theatre Department, while providing valuable skills and information that will give your student an excellent start to their Bak audition preparation.  We will learn:

How to Prepare for the 10-minute Scene Activity According to the Bak MSOA Theatre Department Guidelines

How to Prepare for a Cold Reading According to the Bak MSOA Theatre Department Guidelines

How to Audition With Confidence and Overcome Nerves

The Five Essential Acting Skills

How to Be Seen On Stage

How to Project and Be Heard on Stage

How to Actively Listen to Your Scene Partner

How to Effectively Follow Directions at the Bak MSOA Theatre Department Auditions

How to Make Acting Choices That Make Your Scenes Exciting and Fun 

How to Work With A Random Scene Partner 

How to Effectively Audition with A Cold Reading

How to Sing at the Bak MSOA Audition Following The Theatre Department Guidelines

What to Expect at the Audition

The Structure of the Bak Theatre Audition

How the Scores and the Lottery Work

How to Prepare While Waiting to Audition

What the Judges Are Looking For 

How to Handle Your Nerves, Anxiety or StageFright

What to Wear to the Audition

and  more....

June 24-28, 2024 from 9 am - 3 pm

Space is Limited - Don't Delay - Register Today to Ensure a Spot in this popular workshop! 

What People Are Saying:

"Stella made it! So happy you were there for us helping us through this process. Thank you so much!"

Melissa Zickl

We want to thank u so much!! These kids had a dream and you gave them the confidence and ability to make it a reality, which created memories they will forever treasure!!! You gave Emily and Anna the encouragement to accomplish something I don't even think they realized they could do. They r both so incredibly proud of themselves for facing their fears!! Thank u Melissa!!! Ur the Best!! We hope to see you in the future as I believe You may have placed them along a new journey!

Jennifer Broglio/Charlene Stengel

You are amazing! Thank you so much for your time, attention, training, and patience with Lily! She got into Bak for communications and she is so happy! You really helped make her feel confident and ready for her audition. I can't thank you enough and will refer you to everyone I know going forward! Also want to continue talking about presentation class with you. Thank you so much again!!! Much appreciation always!!

Jennifer Bucker

$280.00 USD

I understand that tuition for this course is non-refundable.  If the instructor cannot attend a session, there will be a makeup class. However, if a student misses a session, there will not be a makeup provided.

I understand that Melissa Boher Jacobson, or any other instructors affiliated with All Star Entertainment Services, Inc. and All Star Performance Coaching Studios,  et. al. are providing a training program, and  make no guarantees or promises regarding admission to Bak MSOA, Dreyfoos or any other school or program.