Bak MSOA Audition Exploration Camp Session 1: June 3-7, 2024

Do you have a child interested in auditioning for Bak MSOA? Have we got a SUMMER CAMP FOR YOU!

Join Veteran Bak Audition Preparation Coaches Melissa Boher Jacobson and John Lariviere for this fun, informative and confidence building week, exploring Bak MSOA's Theatre, Vocal, Visual Arts and Communication Department Auditions.  Using fun games and activities we will learn:

An Overview of the Unique Activities, Attributes and Opportunities of Each Bak MSOA Department 

What is Involved in Each Audition for each Department

Confident Audition Preparation Tips and Tricks 

Theatre Games and Activities to Develop Skills, Confidence and Audition Experience

Communication Games and Activities to Develop Writing and Public Speaking Skills and Confidence

Exploration of Singing and Singing Games to Develop Singing Experience, Skills and Confidence

Art Exploration Activities

Confident Mindset Games and Activities

Mock Auditions 

Theme Days 

and More!!!

Monday- Friday, June 3-7, 2024,  9 am - 3 pm at Confident Performance Coaching Studio, 860 US Highway One, Suite 111, North Palm Beach, FL. 

Space is Limited to 12 participants -Last Year's Camp SOLD OUT so do not DELAY!


What People Are Saying:

You are amazing! Thank you so much for your time, attention, training, and patience with Lily! She got into Bak for communications and she is so happy! You really helped make her feel confident and ready for her audition. I can't thank you enough and will refer you to everyone I know going forward! Also want to continue talking about presentation class with you. Thank you so much again!!! Much appreciation always!!

Jennifer Bucker

We want to thank u so much!! These kids had a dream and you gave them the confidence and ability to make it a reality, which created memories they will forever treasure!!! You gave Emily and Anna the encouragement to accomplish something I don't even think they realized they could do. They r both so incredibly proud of themselves for facing their fears!! Thank u Melissa!!! Ur the Best!! We hope to see you in the future as I believe You may have placed them along a new journey!

Jennifer Broglio

Stella made it! So happy you were there for us helping us through this process. Thank you so much!"

Stella Zickl

$280 Per Camp Week

I understand that tuition for this course is non-refundable.  If the instructor cannot attend a session, there will be a makeup class. However, if a student misses a session, there will not be a makeup provided.

I understand that Melissa Boher Jacobson, or any other instructors affiliated with Confident Performance Coaching or All Star Entertainment Services, Inc. and All Star Performance Coaching Studios,  et. al. are providing a training program, and  make no guarantees or promises regarding admission to Bak MSOA, Dreyfoos or any other school or program.