Parent With Calm and Confidence and Restore Peace, Calm and Joy To Your Family and Home

Watch this short video to find out about this invaluable coaching program designed to quickly and effectively replace chaos, anger and worry with calm, peace and joy in your home.


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How Does Parenting with Calm and Confidence Work?

Peaceful and Powerful Parenting to Raise Resilient Kids

Weekly Live Recorded Sessions

Convenient weekly live remote sessions. Each session is recorded, transcribed and easily accessed if you cannot make it in person.

Ongoing Support

Coaching, tips, encouragement and support as well as Q and A's between sessions with Confident Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist Melissa Boher Jacobson.

Community and Connection

Question and Answer sessions, interaction, community, support,  connection and friendship within our own private platform.

Crucial Parenting Skills

Communication, Effective Consequences and Boundaries, Managing ScreenTime/Devices, Managing Misbehavior, Minimizing meltdowns, arguments and more.

What Does Parenting With Calm and Confidence Cover?

  • Confident and Effective Communication, So You Can Maximize Understanding and Minimize Conflict

  • ¬†Implement Effective Consequences and Boundaries, So You Can Stay¬†Consistent and Aligned

  • Manage Screen Time and Device Use Effectively, So You Can¬†Minimize Arguments, Tantrums, Emotions and Meltdowns

  • Use Effective Listening Skills, So You Can¬†Maximize Trust and Enhance Relationships With Balance and Respect

  • Understand The¬† Emotional Needs of Children, So You Can Have Developmentally Appropriate Expectations

  • Take The Guilt Out of Parenting, So You Can Eliminate Emotional Manipulation

  • Learn Effective Time Management Techniques, So You Can Minimize Overwhelm and Anxiety

  • Create Family Rituals, So You Can Have Quality Time and Create Joy and Memories

  • Instill Values, So You Can Experience Alignment and Pride in Your Family¬†

  • Teach Respect for Money, So You Can Teach Independence and Confidence¬†

  • ¬†Manage Blended Families, So You Can Minimize Stress

  • Parent Neurodiverse Kids, So You Can Minimize Meltdowns and Anxiety

  • And more...

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"Melissa has significantly helped our entire family by working 1x1 with our son. The ripple effect is real. She uses a multi-faceted approach to coaching. She is kind, yet firm. She is ethical, moral and genuinely wants to bring out the best versions of her clients. We are an out of the box family that prefers unconventional but effective techniques and modalities to holistically support the human experience and all the bumps along the way. We are forever grateful and highly recommend!!!"

Natalie Sager

"We can't thank you enough, once more you guided one of our sons to success. You care deeply for the whole being, you prepare them to thrive as humans, you install the values they need in this crazy teenage time, and you have the power to reach out to them deeply. Our lives would not be the same without you. "

Naomi Goldberg

"Melissa is absolutely amazing! I suffered from paralyzing fear, anxiety, self loathing and was just unable to grasp the idea that I had any value as a person. Melissa changed all of this for me and now I am confident, positive thinking, strong and healthy! I have lost 30lbs, my overall health has improved tremendously and best of all, I truly believe I am worthy and wonderful! Melissa is absolutely just amazing and talented at what she does for people! I highly recommend her to everyone! I would give her ten stars!"

Shae Quillen
Group Coaching Client/Parent

"Melissa is actually unreal. I highly highly recommend going to her for life coaching and hypnotherapy.I was in a place of extreme confusion and she helped get me to exactly where I have always dreamt of being. She cares about her clients, and gives her full effort and energy in every interaction you have with her. I don’t know where I would be without having worked with Melissa. 11/10 experience! "

Jesse Goodale



Confident Dating After Divorce For Women

Date with comfort, and confidence in real life and online, after divorce or breakup, so you can attract and choose the RIGHT partner you DESERVE. 

Group Coaching, support, community, and Step by Step Systems to learn:

Comfortable Conversations So You Can Enjoy Dating and Meeting New People With Ease

Take Charge And Get What YOU Want

Easily Establish Boundaries So You Can Feel Empowered and Safe

Recognize Narcissists So You Can Choose Healthy Partners 

Learn Where and How to Meet Quality Partners and Feel in Charge

Restore Self Esteem and Confidence 

Choose Partners That Are Right for YOU

Step by Step Flirting and Conversing So You Can Have Fun and Initiate Conversations With Ease

and more...


Thriving Through Your Twenties

Navigate through your twenties with calm, confidence and self trust!

This program includes Group Coaching, support, community and step by step systems to:

Overcome Overwhelm So You Can Maximize Confidence and Self Worth

Navigate Friendships and Romance with Confidence So You Can Avoid Narcissistic Partners/Friends

Stop Overthinking, Second Guessing and Self Doubt And Trust Your Choices

Learn to Minimize Depression and Anxiety 

Navigate Independence and Financial Confidence

Master Family/Parent Communication

Communicate Assertively and Set Confident, Effective Boundaries with Friends, Family and Roommates

Tolerate Adversity With Emotional Equilibrium

Master Decision Making so you can Make Career Decision With Confidence



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