Free Video: Melissa Boher Jacobson, Veteran Bak/Dreyfoos Audition Coach, De-Mystifies the Bak and Dreyfoos Audition Process 

Hello!  I'm Melissa Boher Jacobson!  I have successfully prepared hundreds  of students for entrance into Bak MSOA for the last 16 years and served on the faculty of Dreyfoos, as an artist-in-residence.  i also have two Bak and Dreyfoos Theatre graduates of my own, so you could say I know these schools inside and out! Join me for this free video and unravel the secrets to Stress Free Bak and Dreyfoos Audition Preparation! 

Need Audition Coaching for Bak or Dreyfoos for Theatre, Communication or Voice?

Here's what working with Melissa is like:

Training Based on Bak MSOA and Dreyfoos Audition Guidelines

Receive thorough preparation and join hundreds of successful students from all walks of life who successfully passed their auditions and received a seat at Bak MSOA and Dreyfoos.  Melissa's targeted techniques are designed to specifically deliver the exact goals outlined in the audition guidelines provided by  Bak MSOA and Dreyfoos. 

Specific Systems to Give Your Student Everything They Need to Succeed at Their Audition

How to Audition With Confidence

The Exact Material and Activities Designed Around Bak and Dreyfoos Theatre, Communication and Voice Department's Specific Guidelines

How to Handle Your Nerves, Anxiety or StageFright

What to Expect at the Audition

The Structure of Each Audition

How the Scores and the Lottery Work

How to Prepare While Waiting to Audition

What the Judges Are Looking For 

What to Wear to the Audition

and  more....

Life Long Skills and Enduring Confidence

Gain lifelong, vital skills, including how to present and introduce yourself with confidence, how to think your way to successful auditions, what your job at an audition is, how to interview with confidence and skill, and much more, all tailored to the Bak and Dreyfoos Communication, Theatre and Vocal department guidelines and scoring system.

Want More Specific Info on Audition Prep Programs?

We offer group and 1:1 coaching packages in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and Delray Beach to prepare students to audition for Bak and Dreyfoos in the areas of Theatre, Voice and Communication. Click the Button Below to see a list of available classes.

Meet Your Coach

Melissa Boher Jacobson has been coaching people of all ages in public speaking, communication, acting, singing,auditioning for over 25 years. Her experience includes producing over 100 professional theatrical productions, including working with Donna McKechnie, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Renee Taylor, Joe Bologna and more, as well as creating Theatre Education programming, directing, music directing and producing countless productions for children and adults.  She is a sought after performer and speaker in her own right, as well as a popular vocal and presentation skills coach to everyone from  Broadway performers to American Idol and America's Got Talent contestants, Miss America contestants, and a well-known expert on audition success and confidence. Over the last 15 years she has coached hundreds of students to successfully pass the auditions for Bak MSOA and Dreyfoos in Communication, Theatre and Voice, through her private, small group and large group preparation classes, workshops and programs.

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What People Are Saying

"You are amazing! Thank you so much for your time, attention, training, and patience with Lily! She got into Bak for communications and she is so happy! You really helped make her feel confident and ready for her audition. I can't thank you enough and will refer you to everyone I know going forward! Also want to continue talking about presentation class with you. Thank you so much again!!! Much appreciation always!!"

Jen Buckler

"Hi Melissa. Ava got in for theatre at Bak! So thrilled. Thank you for everything you've done to help prepare her and boost her confidence. Yay!!!!!""

Yvette Diamond

"We want to thank u so much!! These kids had a dream and you gave them the confidence and ability to make it a reality, which created memories they will forever treasure!!! You gave Emily and Anna the encouragement to accomplish something I don't even think they realized they could do. They r both so incredibly proud of themselves for facing their fears!! Thank u Melissa!!! Ur the Best!! We hope to see you in the future as I believe You may have placed them along a new journey!"

Emily Broglio
Emily Broglio/Anna Stengel

"Nikita was accepted into BAK Communication Department...I know you were a huge part of making this happen...thank you! Patricia"

Patricia Koering

"I have always had audition anxiety all through high school and college. I found it extremely hard to control my emotions which had a horrible impact on my performance. I had difficulty controlling my breathing and my heart rate which left me feeling insecure about my product. I found Melissa's program through a random Google search and fell in love right away. She was the only teacher that really touched on audition and performance anxiety and how it affected the body. The first lesson was focused on the anatomy of the body, specifically the throat, and what was actually going on while I was singing. I have honestly never approached a note the same way after that first lesson! Once I started to understand how much I was letting my head affect my body, it became easier for me to control my emotions and truly tackle an audition the appropriate way. She taught me some amazing warm ups not just for my voice, but for my mind and body. My repertoire has also improved dramatically. I truly believe that Melissa's methods provided me the tools I needed to securely walk into any audition room and walk away confident every time.""

Lara Willaims

"Wanted to share with you Devan Adair made it into Bak for Theater! Thank you!"

Devin Adair

"Hi Melissa, Chris got into Dreyfoos! He wanted to call you and tell you the news but every time we thought of calling it was either too late in evening or to early in the morning to call. I just did not want to let another day to go by without saying thank you for your help. Edit "

Nicole Hesse

""Stella made it! So happy you were there for us helping us through this process. Thank you so much!""

Melissa Zickl

""Nicolette was accepted into the Theatre Program! Omg we are over the moon and could not have done it without you!!!! Many thanks to you!!""

Tara Clivio

"February: Thanks for this morning. You made McKenzie's audition. She is we leave it to GOD....Yesterday: YES for McKenzie! "

McKenzie Willaims

"From February: Just finished! He said he did amazing and one of the judges ladies was almost crying at the end of his speech, he feels very good about the whole audition!!! We appreciate so much all you have done to prepare this boy we are beyond thankful! Yesterday: Hi Melissa, Ephram got in BAK! We are beyond happy ! Thank you once more for being part of this journey!"

Naomi Goldberg


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