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Confident Performance Courses and Workshops

Dreyfoos Summer Audition Workshops

Summer is a great time to start preparing for the auditions for Dreyfoos School of the Arts Theatre and Communication...

$250 Per Week

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BaK MSOA Audition Summer Camp Workshops 2021

Do you have a child interested in auditioning for Bak MSOA? Have we got SUMMER AUDITION WORKSHOPS FOR YOU! ...

$250 Per Week

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Bak MSOA Spring Theatre Audition Workshop for 4th Graders

It's not too early to get your 4th Grade child prepared to confidently and successfully audition for Bak Middle Schoo...

$180 Per Month

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Bak MSOA Communication Confident Audition Workshop for 4th Graders

Have a 4th Grader Interested in possibly auditioning for Bak? Join this fun, interactive pre-Bak group public speakin...

$245.00 USD

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Confident Musical Theatre Audition Workshop For Aspiring Young Performers

This Musical Theatre Audition Preparation Workshop is for aspiring young performers who wish to learn how to confiden...

2 monthly payments of $180.00 USD

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Sing Your Way to Self-Confidence in Six Weeks!

Sing Your Way to Self Confidence is a life-changing singing and confident life coaching course, led by Confident Sing...

$100.00 USD

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What to Do Before During And After Auditions Mini-Course Bundle

Are audition nerves and anxiety stopping you from showing yourself at your best at auditions? Don't leave auditions f...

$100.00 USD

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One Hour Monthly Confident Singing Package

One Hour Singing Lessons with Confident Performance Coach Melissa Boher Jacobson or associate John Lariviere, include...

$350.00 USD every month

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Half-Hour Monthly Confident Singing Lessons Package (4 Sessions Per Month)

Half-Hour Singing Lessons with Confident Performance Coach Melissa Boher Jacobson or associate John Lariviere, includ...


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Improv Theatre Class - ONLINE!

Stuck at home?  Now is a great time to improve your skills in the most fun way, in our Online Improv Class! ...


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Parents Stress Free Guide to Auditioning for Bak and Dreyfoos


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1:1 Coaching Package for Bak/Dreyfoos Audition Preparation

Four 60-minute  private 1:1 audition preparation coaching sessions per month for Bak or Dreyfoos Theatre, Commun...

$380.00 USD

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Confident Singing for 3rd and 4th Graders!

 Join Confident Performance Coach Melissa Boher Jacobson for this fun introduction to confident singin...

3 monthly payments of $100.00 USD

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Rapid Transformational Therapy One-Month Package

Rapid Transformational Therapy is designed to rapidly and permanently free people of issues so they can live life fre...

$750.00 USD

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Private 1:1 Coaching with Confident Performance Coach Melissa Boher Jacobson

Private 60-minute Confident Performance Coaching in Voice, Speaking, Audition or Interview Preparation with Conf...

$95.00 USD

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Custom Musical Theatre Tracks

Musical Theatre Accompaniment Track for Practice and Audition use, including 16-Bar cuts,  32-Bar Cuts and full ...


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At Confident Performance Coaching we specialize in empowering people of all ages to perform, sing, speak, act, audition, iinterview, sell and LIVE with CONFIDENCE.