Melissa Boher Jacobson, Confident Performance Coach, has worked with singers, speakers, audition prep clients, job seekers, and people of all ages and walks of life, empowering them to perform and live with confidence. Here is just few examples of what the experience of working with Melissa is like and how it has transformed people's relationship with performance and confidence. 

Here's some comments from her clients: 

Helped Me Get In to My Dream School with An Amazing Scholarship!  

"Melissa helped me get into my dream school with an amazing scholarship! I could not have done it without her! She gave me so many techniques to really connect with characters, great advice on auditions, and how to prepare, which were super, super helpful. She taught me to be totally comfortable and ready for my audition - so professional, hands on, and focused on exactly what I needed!  Highly, highly recommend working with Melissa!" Angela Taillant

Guru Status

"I truly cannot say enough about this wonderful woman, coach and mentor. Melissa Boher Jacobson is a natural at helping children and adults connect with their inner voice in order to express it in the most efficient way. A true guru and talent." Lisa D., Jupiter, FL

From Shy to Confident

Audition Transformation

Hitting All The Right Notes and Getting Great Parts

Rising Country Star on Working with Melissa


"Ava could not have done it without the confidence you instilled in her through your coaching. She was so touched you came to see the show!!! We are very blessed to have you in our lives!!"  Jennifer M. 

Confidence Whisperer 

"I highly recommend Melissa! Although my daughter, Reese, has been working with her for a short time, I have already seen tremendous growth! We came to her for vocal coaching but I am amazed at what she has also done with Reese’s acting and, even more importantly, her confidence! Confidence building was not even something we had discussed (of course who doesn’t need confidence) but Melissa incorporates it in all my daughter’s lessons and I am so happy she does. Reese’s voice and acting skills are improving rapidly because she has gained so much more confidence and because Melissa is a guru theatre coach. She genuinely cares about helping children reach their highest potential. I can tell she really loves her work and gives her whole self to the kids who come into her life. I feel we are so fortunate to have found her and know we will be working with her far into the future."  Andrea Gershein, Jupiter, FL

Great Vocal & Audition Coaching!

"Melissa has been teaching my daughter voice lessons for several years.  Because of her training my daughter is learning how to control her head voice using proper technique. Melissa goes above and beyond to help her succeed at auditions." -Ina Gluck, Delray Beach, FL

"Melissa goes above and beyond! She helped me with my audition for college! She helps you build confidence and has such a positive attitude! She is also very helpful when trying to pick music selections! I would highly recommend her!" -Rebecca Markert, Delray Beach FL

"From the second I met Melissa I instantly knew she had a passion for music and teaching. She not only teaches you proper technique on how to achieve your best vocal performance, but she does it with a passion that is contagious!  She will work with you and keep pushing you to the max because she believes in you. You will not be disappointed!" -Adam G.,Lake Worth FL

Audition Confidence

"Emma just can't say enough about you.  She is so glad we found you and she tells everyone about how working with you has changed EVERYTHING for her.  She says working with you has transformed her confidence so much!" -Karen Brown

"Melissa you are so great at what you do.  We are so glad that our family has had your support for both our kids!" -Christina Wagner 

"Melissa is a very talented singing, audition and life coach.  She relates extremely well to both children and adults and has a very practical way of teaching. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for audition coaching as well." -Allison Miller

Bak & Dreyfoos School of the Arts Success!

"This is a heartfelt thank you to Melissa Boher Jacobson for the wonderful preparation she gave my granddaughter for her Bak audition. My granddaughter attended the workshop Melissa ran for students wishing to enter Bak’s vocal program and had a few private lessons just prior to her audition date. Melissa showed caring, understanding and actual methods for improving her singing.  She taught the group a wonderful folk song that made excellent use of the children’s vocal talent. She helped the children to feel less anxious and more confident about their upcoming performance. I give Melissa Bohr Jacobson 10 stars for her teaching ability. My granddaughter is looking forward to continuing her instruction with Melissa." -Linda Quittman

"My daughter came to Melissa with very little theatrical and voice experience for audition coaching for Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  After training with her for only a short time, not only did she develop the necessary skills in vocal and theatrical performing, but also her delivery, presentation and most importantly, she developed her confidence. My daughter truly matured as a performer and as a person. It is because of Melissa that she was accepted into Dreyfoos.  We look forward to the years ahead with Melissa. She is an outstanding talent, life coach and teacher. She loves what she does and it shows!" -Gayle Morley

"Justin got almost perfect scores on his Dreyfoos audition, thanks to you! He is in and he couldn't have done it without you!" -Jessica Strikowski

"Working with Melissa was the best experience I could ask for. She's helped so much with vocal technique, such as pitch, breath control and so much more. She focuses on everything related to performance, which has been really helpful, especially in preparing for my audition at Dreyfoos School of the Arts!  She's just an amazing teacher. You'll love working with her!" -Juan Carlos Ramirez

"Melissa is the best! I'm so thrilled to report that after working with Melissa, my daughter was accepted as a freshman acting major at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. I'm looking forward to having my daughter continue to work with her on singing!" -Kelly Kenney

Bak & Endorsement by Speech Pathologist

"As a certified, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, I heartily endorse Melissa Boher Jacobson in her endeavors as a voice teacher, coach and stylist.  She has demonstrated her knowledge of vocal anatomy and preservation when observed during teaching sessions.  It is crucial that students receive proper vocal teaching to prevent anomalies that could damage their vocal mechanism. Her diplomatic, warm and encouraging personality make for a dynamic learning opportunity. Melissa's 's teaching methods reflect the best standards in vocal performance." -Lynn Chvotkin, M.A. CCC-Sp.
Speech-Language Pathologist, Jupiter, Florida

Confident Ted Talk Coach

"Melissa was impressively focused on my presentation skills and gave me very helpful feedback that has allowed me to take my presentation to a new level.  Her insights and wisdom have made a huge difference and she has a nice way of offering constructive feedback that maintains your confidence while seeing areas that need refining.  A fantastic experience to be guided by Melissa!” -Sreenivas Koka, Prosthodontist, TedTalk Speaker

Speaking Coaching

"I would HIGHLY suggest scheduling a presentation coaching session with Melissa, she was amazing today." -Jenn Foster, Smart Plan Financial Services


"I enjoyed your presentation immensely today. You are a pro and it shows. Thank you for enlightening us." -Dr. Liz Morin, Excel Chiropractic