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Dreyfoos 2021-2022 Audition Guidelines Are Here!

The Dreyfoos School of the Arts 2021-2022 Audition Guidelines have been published. All auditions WILL be done remotely. 

Dreyfoos Theatre Department Audition Guidelines

Acting Track Auditions require two contrasting 45-second monologues, a redirect, an improvisation exercise and an interview. 

Musical Theatre Auditions will require a memorized 32-Bar musical theatre selection, a redirect, participation in a dance audition, and an interview.

Technical Theatre Auditions will require  a 3-minute presentation describing a prepared technical project, such as a costume, set design or prop, an online creativity design project and an interview. 

Dreyfoos Communication Audition Requirements:
The Dreyfoos Communication Arts Audition will require a one-minute speech on the following topic,  "what role do the communication arts play in the creation of social change?" 
Applicants must provide an original pre-written narrative story or poem, up to two double spaced pages in length on a provided image.
Applicants will create a film treatment and movie poster.
Applicants will participate in an interview.
Dreyfoos Vocal Department:
Applicants will perform a memorized solo that showcases the student's highest level of ability.  
Applicants will sing a familiar song such as Happy Birthday.
Applicants will sing tones back from chords on a piano.
Applicants will sing back a series of notes from short melodies played on the piano.
Applicants will sight-read several melodies after 30 seconds of visual study.
Applicants will participate in an interview.
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