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How Do I Help My Child Apply for Bak or Dreyfoos This Year?

Every year, Bak Middle School of the Arts and Dreyfoos School of the Arts conduct auditions for a limited number of spots in a variety of art areas or majors. If your child has expressed interest in auditioning for one of these programs, it's really important to know when the application deadlines are, how to apply,  how to help your student decide what art major they should try out for, how to know what to prepare and how to prepare for the auditions, how to get audition dates, need to get overwhelmed!  

Confident Performance Coaching has been coaching students to successfully and confidently audition for Bak and Dreyfoos for 18 years, and we are here to guide both YOU, the parents, and the students, through the whole process, from filling out the application, all the way to the day of the audition, with guidance, strategies, systems, and coaching all designed to minimize STRESS and maximize CONFIDENCE.  Click Here for a FREE Video: Parents' Stress Free Guide to Auditioning for Bak and Dreyfoos  that will answer a LOT of questions about the auditions to get you started.  

After you watch the video, keep your eyes open for more useful tips we'll be sharing to help you and your student get through these auditions successfully and confidently without overwhelm.