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How to Help Your Child Decide What Bak MSOA Major They should Audition For

Over the 18 years Confident Performance Coaching has been coaching students to successfully and confidently audition for Bak and Dreyfoos, we have often been asked to advise families on students on what art area would be the best choice for a particular student.  For Bak students, we have always recommended they take advantage of the opportunity to attend one of the scheduled weekday tours of the school. Seeing the school in action was important to motivate and inspire the prospective Bak students to do the work to get ready for their auditions, and also benefitted them by allowing them to familiarize themselves with the audition location.  It would also make it easier for them to answer our suggested three questions to decide the best art area to audition for: 

What am I best at?

What art area excites me the most?

What group of students do I fit in with the best?

Unfortunately, due to security concerns, Bak is no longer offering multiple tours for students.  However, there are still alternatives that will help students answer the three important questions listed above. 

One alternative is to attend the Bak Middle School of the Arts Foundation's Discover Bak Event on Saturday morning November 2, 2019, where students can see and discover what it is like to be a student at Bak. Tickets are required at $5 each and can be ordered online on Eventbrite as follows:

Bak Communication and Dance:
Bak Theatre, Visual and Piano:
Bak Vocal, Band and Strings:
Parents should also look at the Bak Middle School of the Arts Calendar for opportunities to bring students to events and performances. This will allow the students the same opportunity the now defunct tours offered -to see the students in the various art areas in action, be inspired, and discover their preferences and see where they feel they would shine best at Bak.  
For more information on Confident Performance Coaching can coach your student to have a confident, successful audition for Bak or Dreyfoos check out our website at or call or text Melissa at 561-270-5808.