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The Real Reason To Perform and How It Can Benefit Acting and Singing Auditions for Kids

Why would someone want to get up and sing, dance or act in front of an audience, let alone subject themselves to the terror of an auditon!  Some people have the mistaken belief that performers do what they do for the attention and the accolades. While this may be true for young performers at first, and there is no doubt that there are famous performers that seem to crave attention and live for the limelight, the truly great ones know the REAL reason they perform.   They know it is all about THE AUDIENCE.  Great performers are able to lose themselves in their performances because they know their one  job is to serve their audience, whether it is to move them, communicate something important, or simpy to give an audience joy.  I love the look on my young students faces when I share this philosophy with them. They are so thrilled to know that they can give back and contribute to the world, especially by doing something they love to do!   How does this help at audtions?  There is a great fringe benefit to making your performance all about the audience - it means you don't have to be self-conscious - after all - ITS NOT ABOUT THE PERFORMER - SO THEY DON'T NEED TO BE SELF-CONSCIOUS!  I can't begin to tell you how FREEING this is to a young performer, especially when so many are the stage developmentally when they are tortured by self-conciousness and about "what other people think." 

When I'm working with a new student, we aslo chat  about how wonderful it is to be given the gift of talent.  Like most great gifts, there is also great responsibility.  Young performers need to honor their gfts by fullfilling these responsiblities:

Develop Their Gift to Its Full Potential

Share Their Gift With Others

As parents of talented young actors, singers, dancers and musicians, we have a responsibility too. We are tasked with the job of helping our young performers fullfill their responsibilities. In order to Develop Their Gift to Its Full Potential, we need to find the best people to help them do so.

To help them Share Their Gifts With Others, parents need to get educated on the best way to do so.  Learning about all the different ways to help your young performer can be a complicated process, especially if you are unfamiliar with the performing arts "world!" 

I'm here to help you and your young performer develop and share their gifts, in the most enjoyable, safe and rewarding way possible.  I'm also committed to helping your young performer maximize their confidence, self esteem and success at auditions.   To help you get started with de-mystifying this whole process I invite you to download my free Audition Tips Checklist - its a great place to start helping your young  performer develop to their full potential and share their talent!  I'm also here to help you with advice -

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