Dreyfoos School of the Arts Confident Acting Fall 2021 Audition Workshop


DREYFOOS ACTING AUDITION WORKSHOP WITH MASTER COACHES MELISSA BOHER JACOBSON AND JOHN LARIVIERE. Melissa Boher Jacobson, has successfully prepared hundreds of students for Dreyfoos in Communication, Theatre and Voice for over 21 years. In this Acting Audition Workshop, students will:

  • Find appropriate 45-second audition monologues according to the Dreyfoos Audition Guidelines, learn how to interpret, prepare and successfully and confidently  audition with their pieces.
  • Learn effective presentation and audition skills and mindset
  • Prepare for the Improv Component of the Audition
  • Learn Effective, Confident Interview Techniques
  • Learn Effective and Confident Audition Techniques
  • Learn Strategies to Use Stage Fright and Anxiety to Empower Auditions
  • Learn Overall Positive Mindset Techniques,
  • Get Guidance on Appropriate Audition Clothing
  • Participate in a Mock Audition.

Tuesdays 6 p.m.-7 p.m. August 17-February 1 (No Class Sept. 7, Nov. 23, Dec. 28) at Confident Performance Coaching Studios, 4258 West Main Street, Jupiter, FL 

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Dreyfoos SOA Fall 2021 Acting Audition Workshop - Jupter

Dreyfoos SOA Fall 2021 Acting Audition Workshop - Jupiter: Veteran 21-year audition coaches Melissa Boher Jacobson and John Lariviere lead this highly popular and successful Bak Communication Audition Preparation Class. In this six month course for actors we will examine all aspects of the process of auditioning for the Dreyfoos Theatre Department. This includes learning how to choose audition repertoire and materials, how to utilize specific acting and audition techniques designed to maximize confidence, and how to minimize stress. Together, we use practice, mock-auditions, and feedback to move toward a confident, successful Dreyfoos Theatre Department audition.   Tuesdays / 6pm - 7pm / August 17, 2021 - February 1, 2022 (No Classes on 9/07, 11/23, and 12/28) / Confident Performance Coaching Studio, 4258 W. Main St., Jupiter, FL / $165 per month  Welcome to Confident Performance Coaching

$187 per month for 5 months