Unstoppable You: Confidence Camp for Middle School Girls

This 5 day fun-filled half-day camp, led by Confident Life Coach,  Melissa Boher Jacobson, will feature  activities, games, and projects designed to instill unshakeable self esteem and confidence!
Each day will focus on a theme, Including: 
Monday :  Making and Keeping Friendships:
a) How to Be Confident Even When You Don't Know Anyone
b) How To Make New Friends Easily
c) How to Make Plans to Be With Friends 
Tuesday:  Confident Choices -  How to Be True to Yourself When Dealing With Peers
Wednesday: Bully Proofing - Effective, Empowering. and Confidence Building Techniques to Deal With Bullies
Thursday:  Stress and Anxiety Management Strategies 
Friday:  Celebrating You!  Fun Self Care and Celebration!  
Monday - Friday, August 5-9 from 9 am - 12 pm at Confident Performance Coaching Studio, 860 US Hwy. 1, Suite 111, North Palm Beach

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