Bak MSOA Fall 2021 Communication Audition Workshop

Join Veteran Bak MSOA Audition Coaches Melissa Boher Jacobson and John Lariviere for these popular and successful Bak MSOA Fall 2021 Communication Audition Workshops. 2 Locations:

Thursdays through February 3 from 6-7 p.m. in Jupiter

Sundays Through February 6-7 pm in Wellington

This workshop will cover every aspect of the competitive Bak Communication Department Audition, including, but not limited to:

Audition Technique and Confidence

Writing Prepared and Impromptu 1-Minute Speeches on A Variety of Topics 

Creative Writing Training Specifically Designed Around the Bak MSOA Communication Department Audition Guidelines

Film and Media Analysis and Review Designed Around The Bak MSOA Communication Department Audition Guidelines

What to Expect at the Audition

The Structure of the Bak Communication Audition

How the Scores and the Lottery Work

How to Prepare While Waiting to Audition

What the Judges Are Looking For 

How to Handle Your Nerves, Anxiety or StageFright

What to Wear to the Audition

Video Auditions and In-Person Auditions

Effectively Communicating Online and In Person

and  more.

 Each student should have sharpened pencils and a spiral notebook with pockets devoted to this course.  Enrollment is limited to 12 students in each location to ensure maximum benefit. Register Today to Ensure A Spot in this Popular Workshop. Need Assistance? Call Melissa at (561) 270-5808.



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