Bak MSOA Fall 2019 Theatre Audition Workshop Jupiter

Veteran 18-Year Audition Coach Melissa Boher Jacobson leads this highly popular and successful 12-week Bak Theatre Audition Workshop. This fun, informative workshop follows the exact guidelines provided by the Bak MSOA Theatre Department SUNDAYS September 29-December 22 from 2 p.m - 3 pm (NO CLASS NOVEMBER 24)  at Confident Performance Coaching Studios. We will learn:

  • How to Maximize 10-minute Open Scenes
  • How to Do Cold Readings
  • How to Sing at the Audition
  • Characterization
  • Making Acting Choices
  • The 5 Essential Acting Skills
  • Walking into the Audition With Confidence
  • What to Expect/How to Behave at the Audition/Audition Structure
  • How the Scores and the Lottery Work
  • How to Prepare/Behave While Waiting to Audition
  • What the Judges Are Looking For
  • Handling Nerves, Anxiety or StageFright
  • What to Wear to the Audition
  • and more....  

Space is very limited  THURSDAY CLASS SOLD OUT AND SO WILL THIS ONE - don't miss out - REGISTER TODAY.

Bak MSOA Fall Theatre Audition Workshop 2019 Sundays

Bak MSOA Fall Theatre Audition Workshop Sundays 2:00-3:00 p.m. September 29-December 22, 2019 (no class November 24) at Confident Performance Coaching Studio, in Abacoa, Jupiter.  Space is VERY LIMITED - DON'T MISS OUT - REGISTER TODAY!

2 monthly payments of $225.00 USD