Bak MSOA Fall 2023 Visual Arts Audition Workshop

Have a child Interested in possibly auditioning for the Bak Visual Arts program or just interested in improving their visual arts skills? Join our fantastic Visual Arts Coach Calil NOW to get your child the skills they need to not only master their art skills, but have a successful, confident audition next year for Bak MSOA Visual Arts Department. Students will master:

Drawing from life (Black and White)

  • Still life
  • Figure drawing
  • Perspective
  • Diagrammatic lines
  • Portraiture 

Intro to Color Theory

Intro to “reading” and discussing artworks 

Blind contour drawing

Multiple-perspective drawing

Confident Audition Techniques

Calil Russell Arguedas,  is an experienced arts instructor working with children and adults. Calil's classes center on both technical and personal development using the visual arts. His low student:teacher ratios create engaging, encouraging, and patient learning experiences. He is a graduate of Bak and Dreyfoos in Florida, and holds a BFA in studio art from the Cooper Union in New York City. 


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